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Studio Verrina has its roots in the experience and professionalism of the arch. Antonio Verrina, who for more than 30 years has been working in the field of architecture and interior design on the Italian and international territory. Through our projects, we aim to seek the perfect balance between comfort, practicality, and beauty, with the aim of creating environments and functional spaces tailored to our customers, with attention also to the architectural characteristics and costs of the work. For this reason, we carry out work management and accounting activities to combine the theoretical and practical economic aspects of architecture.


From the year of its foundation, the studio has evolved, offering professional advice in various areas of agronomy in urban and agricultural contexts, thanks to the professionalism and competence of the agronomist Valerio Verrina. Thanks to the expertise acquired, the agronomist Verrina develops and promotes technical opportunities and agricultural production methods to guarantee high-quality standards and, at the same time, guaranteeing food safety and the economic and environmental sustainability of agriculture along the entire agri-food chain. Furthermore, in urban areas, technical consultancy and the necessary procedural documentation are proposed for the management and maintenance of public and private green areas.

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Antonio Verrina

Antonio Verrina graduated in Architecture at the University of Naples Federico II in 1987 with full marks. Since 1988 he has been working as a freelance and in association with other professionals.

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Valerio Verrina

Valerio Verrina graduated in Agricultural Sciences and Technologies at the University of Naples Federico II. Registered in the Register of the Order of Agronomists and Forestry Doctors of the province of Naples and registered in the Register of CTUs of the court of Naples.

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