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Consultancy and control of the agri-food chain

Agronomist in Naples

The agronomist Valerio Verrina, using his professionalism and competence, offers his customers an agronomic service that elaborates specific plans for each crop, pursuing the objective of obtaining productions with high quality standards and, at the same time, guaranteeing safety of the agricultural products and environmental sustainability along the entire agri-food chain.






  • Search for the best solutions to reconcile productivity and environmental protection ;

  • Dissemination of techniques and technical means for environmentally friendly production;

  • Programming, planning, monitoring and forecasting of agricultural production;

  • Drafting of integrated defense plans;

  • Drafting of fertilization plans ;

  • Field technical assistance for the main horticultural, fruit and flower species;

  • "Integrated" and "organic" agriculture with production techniques with reduced environmental impact ;

  • Chemical-physical analysis of the soil and fruit and vegetables;

  • Assistance during the marketing of fruit and vegetables, in relations with the quality offices of both foreign and Italian customers.

Servizi agricoltura
Servizi Verde urbano
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  • Technical consultancy for the management and maintenance of public and private green areas;

  • Advice on the correct use of phytosanitary products in urban areas and extra-agricultural areas;

  • Quantitative and qualitative census of urban green areas and positioning on a cartographic basis;

  • Verify phytostatic conditions of trees

  • Verification of urban green interference with construction site operations and indication of the precautions to be taken to avoid possible damage to plant species;

  • Assessment of the propensity to yield with the visual tree assessment survey method;

  • Design of green spaces;

  • Current state of the vegetation and drafting of green layout plans for the Implementation of Urban Plans.

Agronomist in Naples

Valerio Verrina was born and raised in Naples, where he  completed his university studies in Agricultural Sciences and Technologies at the Department of Agriculture of the University of Naples Federico II. In 2017 he was awarded with honors the degree in agriculture and in the same year he obtained the qualification as Agronomist and Forestry Doctor at the same University.

He is registered in the Register of the Order of Agronomists and Forestry Doctors of the province of Naples and registered in the Register of CTUs of the court of Naples.

He offers his professionalism to various entrepreneurial and private figures in the field of agriculture and urban green .

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